March Caprice 2.0 is a Success!

March Caprice: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts is a virtual gathering of fans of the Kingdom Hearts series that showcased the talents, passions, and projects of the community! The event began last year as a means to bring the community together at a time when gathering in person wasn’t a viable option. It was an immense success, so it was naturally brought back for a second year, March Caprice 2.0. This year brought a lot of changes – a new website, a place for writers to submit their work, a concert soirée and more! Plus, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Thank you to those who participated and engaged in the event! It was a lot of fun putting together and we hope you had a lot of fun experiencing all of the amazing entries! Thank you! Happy 20th anniversary Kingdom Hearts!

In Case You Missed It…

Praise for March Caprice!

  • March Caprice 2.0

    March Caprice 2.0 was another success! Check out (or catch-up) on all of the awesome events that happened over the three day weekend. See you next year!


Artists’ Alley

Artists’ Alley

Check out all of the great artwork from the event!

Concert Soirée

Concert Soirée

Relive all of the fantastic music from our concert!

Video Entries

Video Entries

Catch up on all of the live and pre-recorded presentations!

March Caprice Writing

Writers’ Room

Writers’ Room

Read all of the fantastic written entries from this year!

This @MarchCapriceKH event was a blast to be a part of! I’ll be looking forward to next year and thank all of you guys hard work for this event! <3 Till next year!! #MarchCaprice #kh #KH20th

— kateecloud | MPKC (@KCNebula) March 28, 2022

#MarchCaprice @MarchCapriceKH was absolutely wonderful! ????Thank you again to everyone who organised and participated in this awesome event!! I had a blast and it was an honor being a part of it! So lovely to see all the talent and love in the fandom! Happy #KH20th !

— Light @ withinthedarknessu (=◉ᆽ◉=)???? (@RenaAlarie) March 28, 2022

Congratulations on a successful event! Enjoy a well deserved rest. I now have weeks of content and talent to catch up on and my heart is full ????

— PreferredWhale6 ???? ???? Give Me God of War (@PreferredWhale) March 28, 2022

I’m SO freakin glad I stayed up late for the concet, I’m insanely tired but @KinodeKH it was incredible, and well done to all the musicians, you guys all did GREAT ????????????

— Carys Lunn (@caryssonford) March 27, 2022

I really enjoy last year’s and this years @MarchCapriceKH event. I’m very thankful I was allowed to join in and participate. Congrats to everyone who watched and participated. Hope to do this again next year.

— Chris (@cgdeathitselff) March 28, 2022

@MarchCapriceKH Another year, another March Caprice! It was a blast making a video for the event, and watching (still watching because my sleep schedule sucks) the other participants’ videos or streams! Thank you to the organizers that set up the event and I would love A 3RD!!!!

— ※ Omengta ※ (@0mengta) March 28, 2022


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